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  • Maintenance and Support of LAN and WAN platforms
  • Network Capacity Planning and Workload Management
  • Building Client/Server, Internet, Intranet and Extranet technologies
  • Configuration and maintenance of firewall/Proxy server, web server, mail server, access to legacy system etc.

  • TISCO Group Inc networking professionals are proficient in maintaining and supporting LAN and WAN platforms consisting of domain name servers, mail servers and network routers, internet access, proxy servers, and data encryption schemes. TISCO Group Inc is well equipped to support a rich environment of applications needed for software development and implementation. We have rich experience in setting up TCP/IP network and installation, configuration and maintenance of NIS, DNS, NFS, RPS, SMTP, POP, HTTP, FTP,WAP servers. Administration and configuration of fire wall, proxy servers, Web servers (IIS, Apache, IBM HTTP, NES) and Application server (Websphere, Weblogic).