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Since 1998, TISCO Group Inc has been providing expert software professionals to companies across the United States. TISCO Group Inc. specializes in providing experts in the information technology for short term/long term contract to help our clients complete Software developments projects on time.

TISCO Group Inc's management staff has over 15 years of experience in providing consultants to the software industry. All TISCO Group Inc consultants have at least five years of software development experience and a working knowledge of multiple operating systems and database environments

Financial services, utilities, communications, networking, engineering and manufacturing are some of the areas in which TISCO Group Inc has excelled. All TISCO Group Inc consultants are full-time TISCO Group Inc employees. TISCO Group Inc trains these professionals and prepare them to work quickly and creatively toward achieving client's Requirements

Our consultants bring business experience and excellent technical and communication skills to their projects. Project evaluations are conducted by our most experienced management members.who are some of the most experienced professionals in the software industry.